About our school

Tamworth Art Academy follows an atelier (French for 'studio environment') approach to learning art. That is, the school provides the best resources possible for students to focus on creating their own artworks and to learn through doing, with feedback and advice from teachers with experience and expertise. Our resources include beautiful locations, live models, classical and anatomical casts to reference and more. Students enjoy learning important theory through exercises and their own experience and efforts.


About our teachers

Embroidery by teacher Sophie Honess
Painting by teacher Danny Stanley

Danny Stanley is an award-winning artist who works professionally in a variety of mediums, including animation, photography, illustration, murals and more. He has a solid grasp of artistic fundamentals through a decade long education, including awarded time at Julian Ashton's Art School. He has been teaching his skills to students of all ages regularly in Tamworth and surrounds for the past five years, and in Melbourne and Sydney before that. As a Tamworth born and raised local, he is passionate about providing residents access to valuable visual arts education. See his diverse portfolio at www.dannystanley.com.

Sophie Honess is a succesful Gomeroi artist, also from Tamworth. From childhood art classes to a certificate in Arts & Craft at TAFE, to a busy and successful professional career, Sophie has developed skills in an array of mediums, including embroidery, loom weaving, tufting and more. She is a member of local Indigenous arts collective Yinnarr Maramali, weaving artworks with traditional local grasses for Koskela Gallery, the Sydney Opera House gift shop, local dancers and others. Within both her European and Gomeroi fields, Sophie has regularly taught art for several years. See her portfolio on her instagram page.