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Autumn Term: Drawing

Campgrounds Cafe Mini Exhibition

Winter Term: Painting

Campgrounds Cafe Mini Exhibition

8th May - 3rd July

5th July

26th July - 13th September



Fundamentals Classes (14+)

At: Tamworth Community Centre. Every Tuesday: 6PM to 9PM

Artistic Fundamentals

Based on the currciuclum of the best art schools in the world, these classes are for artists of all skill levels to grow in their practice of traditional mediums. Using a variety of objects, casts, models and more, each student will strive to capture reality accurately, and to use these skills in more and more imaginative and creative applications.


Students learn a small but important part of theory each class, which is reinforced by specific exercises. With a variety of still-life objects, casts, models and masterful prints, students train their hands and eyes. Teachers spend the class completing the exercises to demonstrate good technique, and giving students individual feedback and instruction.


Following on from drawing, painting classes begin in grey-scale, meaning the jump from one to another only really involves the technical addition of a brush and paint. Master's studies are used early on to continue training the eye to see value tone correctly. Exercises on colour theory and palette technique will lead to student's final works.

Campgrounds Cafe Mini Exhibition

Although during these classes, we are consciously practicing and expanding our skill-set, we will still end up with beautiful artworks, and a final and important part of the artistic process is showing these to the world. We at TAA strongly believe in empowering the diverse array of talented artists that our city is fortunate to have.

Who is it for?

These classes will be useful for anybody from absolute beginners to working artistic professionals. With a dojo-like attitude to learning, which emphasises students taking a focused approach to the task at hand and demonstrating skillful technique, TAA welcomes anybody who has an interest in putting in work to improve their skills.

Creative Kids

TAA is happy to be a Creative Kids provider, so students between 14 and 18 will be able to use their vouchers to pay. This does not mean the classes are only for this age range.