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Spring Term

Campgrounds Mini Exhibition

Summer Term

Autumn Term

25th October - 13th December

School Holidays

14th February - 4th April


9th May - 27th June




Ages 14+

At Tamworth Community Centre

Tuesdays: 5.30PM to 8.30PM

$35 per class

Autumn Term

Artistic Fundamentals

Based on the currciuclum of the best art schools in the world, these classes are for artists of all skill levels to grow in their practice of traditional mediums. Using a variety of objects, casts, models and more, each student will strive to capture reality accurately, and to use these skills in more and more imaginative and creative applications.


Students learn a small but important part of theory each class, which is reinforced by specific exercises. With a variety of still-life objects, casts, models and master prints, students train their hands and eyes. The teacher spends the class demonstrating good technique, explaining concepts and giving students individual feedback and instruction.


Students can choose between beginning in painting or drawing. Based on their progress, they can move onto painting when ready throughout the term, or complete the entire term in drawing. Painting utilises skills learned from drawing, usually beginning in greyscale, and including master studies, colour theory and palette technique.


Students utilise and hone their drawing skills with sculpture, copying the school's figures and gaining an understanding of the use of 3D space, simplified forms and anatomy.

Who is it for?

These classes are useful to anybody from absolute beginners to working artistic professionals. With a dojo-like attitude to learning, which emphasises students taking a focused approach to the task at hand and developing skillful technique, TAA welcomes anybody who has an interest in putting in work to improve their artistic skills.

Creative Kids

Creative Kids vouchers can be used for this course, for students aged 14 to 18 (below).

Autumn Term

Use a Creative Kids voucher:

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