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Kids Classes

Ages 9 to 14

Mondays: 4PM to 6PM

$25 per class

Ages 5 to 9

Fridays: 4PM to 5.30PM

$22.50 per class


Kids Classes


April 23rd and 24th 2024

6th May


8th May

10th May

Two Day Art Camp

9 to 14 Years Begins

Craft Club Begins

5 to 9 Years Begins

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Video made with and by the students of the 9 to 14's Monday class; talking about what art means to young people in Tamworth.

Kids class terms

Our kids classes are the place to be for children that love to be creative. With the very best professional artists in Tamworth as the tutors, we focus on kids being able to take home tangible skills in whatever medium they're interested in, such as clay sculpture; drawing; painting; animation, and more.

Our classes have a general structure of a theme, idea or medium for each class, but as much as we can, we encourage kids to follow their instinct and passion, and focus on art which they're interested in. They will often then gradually be drawn to other mediums they had previously seen as too difficult, or not for them. With this approach, we ensure that kids feel empowered about their artistic journey, but are still given plenty of opportunity to broaden the scope of their skills. We also prize individuality and imagination, and are always genuinely impressed with the ideas and execution of the little artists.

Our classes are nice and long, and have a generous mid-class break for around 20 minutes, where everybody has the option to use the shady, grassy fenced area of the Community Centre to play games, throw balls around, or eat a snack.

For classes which focus more on crafts, please check out our Craft Club.

Creative Kids

We are happy to be a Creative Kids approved provider. To use a voucher towards this course, please fill out the form below, and we will email you confirmation/next steps.

School Holidays Art Camp

Come along for a content-packed two day art camp in the school holidays!

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Use a Creative Kids voucher:

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