Spring Term: Observational approach

Campgrounds Cafe Mini Exhibition

Summer Term: Anatomical Approach

Campgrounds Cafe Mini Exhibition


12th October to 21st December

School Holidays

8th February to 31st March*

School Holidays


Life Drawing

Ages 18+

At: Tamworth Community Centre

Wednesdays*: 6PM to 9PM

Individudal Classes

Summer Term (Coming soon)

*Due to scheduling issues, three weeks of Summer Term will be on the Friday instead of the Wednesday


Life drawing

Each session trains students in both working fast and loose with short poses, and working slowly and methodically with long poses. Each class also features a unique exercise or anatomical discussion, relating to the theme of the term. We work with the best models in the region, and have a relaxed, supportive and welcoming atmosphere.

Observational approach

A series of classes which use exercises from the classic art school text, The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nikolaïdes. These exercises train students to align their hands and eyes, by combining close visual attention to the form of the figure, with expressive, deliberate pencil strokes, as well as exercises which train students' visual memories.

Anatomical approach

A series of classes which use anatomical models and close observational drawing to understand the skeleton and muscles of the human body. Each class will focus on a different body part's function and the ability to understand and draw the underlying structure using anatomical landmarks and simplified, easily memorized forms.

School holidays long-pose class

A class that jumps from 15 minutes of gestures to a 2 1/2 hr pose. Students are encouraged to do one long study of the figure, following the process taught in class, and striving to capture the values, form, anatomy and gesture of the pose as accurately as possible. Water-based paints allowed. Included in preceding term's enrollment.

Who is it for?

These classes will be useful for anybody from absolute beginners to working artistic professionals. With a dojo-like attitude to learning, which emphasises students taking a focused approach to the task at hand and developing skillful technique, TAA welcomes anybody who has an interest in putting in work to improve their artistic skills.

Life modelling

We take great care to ensure a positive, safe and encouraging atmosphere for our life models, including training and advice where appropriate. All of our past models have found it to be a rewarding experience. If you think life modelling is something you might be interested in, please get in contact and we will give you more details.

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