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Life Drawing

Ages 16+



Please note: Our regular art classes for adults are on hiatus at the moment. Follow our social media accounts for the latest news about upcoming adult art education opportunities.


Life drawing

Each session trains students in both working fast and loose with short poses, and working slowly and methodically with long poses. Each class also features a unique exercise or anatomical discussion, relating to the theme of the term. We work with the best models in the region, and have a relaxed, supportive and welcoming atmosphere.

Observational approach

A series of classes which use exercises from The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nikolaïdes, training visual memory, expressiveness and understanding of form.

Anatomical approach

A series of classes which use anatomical models and close observational drawing to understand the skeleton and muscles of the human body, how they work and look.

Who is it for?

These classes will be useful for anybody from absolute beginners to working artistic professionals. With a dojo-like attitude to learning, which emphasises students taking a focused approach to the task at hand and developing skillful technique, TAA welcomes anybody who has an interest in putting in work to improve their artistic skills.

Life modelling

We take great care to ensure a positive, safe and encouraging atmosphere for our life models, including training and advice where appropriate. All of our past models have found it to be a rewarding experience. If you think life modelling is something you might be interested in, please get in contact and we will give you more details.

Alchohol/Under 18's

Adults over 18 are welcome to BYO alcoholic drinks. As such, students under 18 will need to have a guardian sign a written consent from, that they understand adults may be consuming alchoholic beverages in the class, and also that the class uses nude models.

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