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Craft Club

All Ages

Individual themed classes throughout the year


Family friendly weekend classes coming soon!

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Video by Tamworth Art Academy for the New England Regional Art Museum. Sophie teaching the basics of loom weaving.

Craft Club

Give your child the experience of learning and practising traditional hand crafts, such as those that have been a useful, soothing and mindful experience for people since ancient times. Kids will weave, stitch and assemble in an 8-week term, using tactile, natural and sustainable materials, while learning a variety of skills and techniques to express themselves. Timeless crafts such as needle-point embroidery, loom weaving and more, are just as interesting for kids of today’s generation as in the past, if they are given the opportunity to learn and experiment with them. As all other generations have done, young people can put their own spin on traditional hand crafts, making them feel personal, relevant and fun.


Kids will join professional artist Sophie Honess, whose stitched and woven artworks have featured in national magazines, the walls of the National Gallery of Australia and more. Sophie has learned a multitude of craft skills, which she uses to create her abstract and nature-inspired artworks. Having taught at Tamworth Regional Gallery for years, as well as mentoring with the Gomeroi Culture Academy, she is a thoughtful, engaged and encouraging teacher, bonding with kids over a love of the artistic process.


Craft Club is a great experience for kids looking for a low-stress, friendly and hands-on activity that contributes to mindfulness and creativity. Sessions feature regular breaks to run and play to get energy out, or relax and appreciate the Community Centre’s garden.

Creative Kids

We are happy to be a Creative Kids approved provider. To use a voucher towards this course, please fill out the form below, and we will email you confirmation/next steps.

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